Can I bring CBD to Brazil

Can I bring CBD to Brazil

Up until 2015, Brazil maintained a prohibitionist stance toward cannabis and its derivatives, regardless of their THC content. However, in a landmark shift, Brazil legalized the medicinal use of CBD oil in 2015. This change in law marked a significant development in the country’s approach to cannabis-based products​​.

CBD oil is legally available in Brazil but with strict stipulations. The legal threshold for THC content in CBD products is capped at 0.2%. Additionally, CBD in Brazil is permitted solely for medicinal use and must be authorized by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Only a limited number of companies are authorized to sell CBD-based drugs in Brazil, and these products must comply with specific regulatory standards​.

In Brazil, the THC content in CBD products is a critical factor. Imported cannabis products are subject to strict regulations, including a maximum allowable THC content of 30 mg per mL. This stringent control underscores the Brazilian government’s focus on ensuring that CBD products are used strictly for medicinal purposes​​.

ITraveling to Brazil with CBD: What You Need to Know

For international travelers, bringing CBD into Brazil requires adherence to Brazilian federal law. This means possessing a valid Brazilian medical prescription for CBD. Without this, travelers might face legal challenges at customs​​.

Travelers must have the necessary documentation to prove the medical necessity of the CBD product. This includes the prescription, medical reports, and any additional paperwork that validates the medicinal use of CBD.

The Process of Obtaining a CBD Prescription in Brazil

In Brazil, CBD is prescribed for specific medical conditions, particularly certain forms of epilepsy in children and adolescents resistant to conventional treatments. The Federal Council of Medicine outlines these conditions and prohibits the prescription of CBD for any other therapeutic indications unless part of an authorized clinical study​​.

The prescription of CBD in Brazil is tightly regulated. Cannabis in its natural form is prohibited for medicinal use, and any derivatives other than cannabidiol are also not allowed. The purity and form of CBD must adhere to the standards set by Anvisa​​.

Patients seeking CBD treatment in Brazil must meet specific criteria, including the indication for use, potential contraindications, and a signed consent form acknowledging the risks and alternative treatments. CBD can also interact with other medications, potentially affecting their effectiveness or causing side effects​​.


In conclusion, while Brazil has opened its doors to the medicinal use of CBD, navigating its legal landscape requires careful attention to regulations and compliance. For travelers hoping to bring CBD into Brazil, understanding the country’s strict laws, obtaining the necessary medical prescriptions, and preparing for potential bureaucratic hurdles are crucial steps. By arming themselves with knowledge and the appropriate documentation, individuals can responsibly and legally benefit from CBD’s therapeutic properties during their stay in Brazil. Ultimately, this guide serves as a valuable resource, ensuring travelers remain informed and prepared for a hassle-free experience with CBD in Brazil.

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