Can I bring CBD to Italy

In Italy, the legal landscape surrounding cannabis, including CBD, is somewhat complex. The country has shown a progressive approach towards medical cannabis, but recreational use remains illegal. The key to understanding CBD legality lies in its composition and purpose.

CBD for medical purposes is legal and regulated in Italy. However, the recreational use of CBD products, even those with low THC levels, falls into a gray area.

Traveling to Italy with CBD

If you’re planning to travel to Italy and wish to bring CBD products, there are several factors to consider. The origin of the CBD, its THC content, and its intended use all play a role in its legality.

Compliance with Italian Regulations

  • THC Content: In Italy, the legal limit for THC in CBD products is 0.6%. Products exceeding this THC threshold are considered illegal.
  • Prescription CBD: If you’re using CBD for medical purposes, having a prescription or proof of medical use is advisable.
  • Product Labeling: Ensure that your CBD products are clearly labeled, showing their ingredients and THC content.

Understanding CBD Legal Status in Italy

A. Current Legal Framework

In Italy, CBD’s legality hinges on its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Per Italian law, CBD products are permissible if their THC concentration doesn’t exceed 0.6%​​. This threshold is notably higher than the European Union’s standard of 0.2%​​. However, Italy’s Supreme Court in 2019 issued a landmark ruling, delineating the legal landscape further by prohibiting the sale of cannabis derivatives, including certain hemp products. This ruling, however, exempted products devoid of narcotic effects, effectively allowing certain CBD oils and products under specified conditions​​​​.

Cannabis can be used for industrial purposes on the condition that the THC is lower than 0.2%. However, in accordance with law no. 242 of 2016, if, as a result of a control by the authorities, the total THC content of is more than 0.2% but no more than 0.6%, no liability shall be borne by the grower.


B. Medical vs Recreational Use

Italy differentiates between medical and recreational CBD use. Medical CBD, available under prescription, adheres to stricter regulations. Conversely, recreational CBD, while accessible, faces limitations under the Novel Food Regulation, particularly regarding edibles and beverages​​. This delineation underscores the cautious approach Italy adopts towards CBD, balancing medical needs and recreational consumption.

C. Comparison with EU Guidelines

Italy’s stance on CBD and THC levels presents a contrast to the broader EU guidelines. The higher THC threshold reflects a more lenient approach, potentially catering to a wider range of CBD products and uses. This divergence highlights the complexities within the EU, where member states exercise autonomy over certain aspects of CBD regulation.


Traveling to Italy with CBD requires a careful and informed approach. Understanding the legal thresholds and ensuring compliance with local regulations is essential. When in doubt, consulting with legal experts or local authorities before your trip can provide clarity and peace of mind.

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