Back to The Future Weed Strain

Back to The Future Weed Strain


THC: 33%

CBD: 0%

About The Strain

Back to The Future is a powerhouse strain, featuring an impressive THC content of about 33%. It is a cross between the highly potent Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and Alien Tahoe OG. This blend results in a predominantly Indica-dominant hybrid (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) known for its heavy-hitting euphoric effects and massive relaxation, often leading to a couch lock situation. 

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

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The Back to The Future strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid with a staggering THC level reaching up to 33%. It's the offspring of Original Glue and Alien Tahoe OG, resulting in an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetic makeup. Renowned for its profoundly euphoric and relaxing effects, it is particularly effective for users seeking deep relaxation. Additionally, its high resin content makes it a prime candidate for concentrate extraction.

Origin and History

The strain's lineage comes from a cross between Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and Alien Tahoe OG. This genetic combination makes it a strong contender in the cannabis market, offering a unique blend of effects from its parent strains.

CharacteristicBack to The Future
THC Percentage33%
CBD PercentageLow (not specified)
Strain TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Indica Percentage80%
Sativa Percentage20%

Composition and Breeding

Back to The Future is bred by Tastebudz Genetics, combining the genetics of Gorilla Glue #4 and Alien Tahoe OG. It boasts a high THC content and a minor presence of CBD, reflecting its potent effects and Indica dominance.


The strain features chunky, resin-covered buds that gleam with rich trichomes and crystalline particles. Its dense bud formation is visually appealing and indicative of its potency.


Back to The Future's terpene profile includes myrcene, limonene, and pinene. These terpenes contribute to its earthy, pine-laden aroma with subtle hints of sour lemon.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Back to The Future is predominantly earthy, with a firm foundation reminiscent of old-world forests. It is complemented by subtle sour lemon notes. Its taste harmonizes earthiness with vibrant hints of lemon, finishing with a lingering pine note.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

The strain is known for inducing profound relaxation and euphoria, making it ideal for those seeking relief from stress, pain, and insomnia. Its strong body effects also make it suitable for recreational use, particularly for relaxation.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

Users can expect a full-bodied experience, with profound relaxation and euphoria. It is known for inducing a body stone and leading to a state of couch lock, embodying rest and relief.

Medical Uses

Back to The Future may provide relief for chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. Its soothing properties make it a choice strain for holistic wellbeing.

Breeders Advice

This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors and has a rapid growth rate. It's suitable for the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing method and thrives in warm climates. Regular pruning is recommended due to its high resin production.

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