Larry Bird Weed Strain

Larry Bird Weed Strain


THC: 25%

CBD: 0%

About The Strain

Larry Bird Kush is a balanced hybrid strain (50% Sativa/50% Indica) named after the basketball legend. It is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, boasting THC levels that can vary from 14% to 25%. This strain is known for its cerebral rush, uplifting and creative effects, and a subtle body buzz for physical relaxation.

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

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The Larry Bird Kush, with an even Sativa-Indica split, is reminiscent of the celebrated basketball icon. It emerges from a blend of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, exhibiting THC concentrations ranging between 14% and 25%. Renowned for its immediate, intense cerebral high, it elevates mood and sparks creativity, complemented by a gentle body relaxation.

Origin and History

Larry Bird Kush is believed to be a Bay Area creation, though there are suggestions of its breeding by Zamnesia Seeds in Europe. This strain's backstory is a blend of North Cali vibes and European breeding expertise, making it a classic worth trying.

CharacteristicLarry Bird Kush
THC Percentage14% - 25%
CBD PercentageUp to 1%
Strain Type50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Composition and Breeding

The strain is a 50/50 hybrid, born from a cross of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Its THC content varies significantly, depending on cultivation and curing conditions, showcasing its versatile nature.


Larry Bird Kush is known for its small, dense nugs, either in deep forest green or purple-tinged hues, adorned with bright red and orange hairs. The bud's color intensity depends on the growing process, often coated in a thick layer of white crystalline resin.


Its dominant terpenes include terpinolene, B-myrcene, and B-caryophyllene, contributing to its distinctive aroma and flavor profile.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Larry Bird Kush is fruity and complex, reminiscent of grape soda, cookies, and orange sherbert. Its flavor is a milder mix of sweet lemony pine, making it a delightful experience for the senses.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

Larry Bird Kush is beneficial for stress, depression, pain, appetite loss, and nausea. Its uplifting high is ideal for chronic stress relief, creating a positive mental space.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

The strain's Sativa side can cause a sudden rush of creativity and energy, while the Indica aspect provides a moderate and mellow relaxation, making it suitable for those suffering from chronic stress and depression.

Medical Uses

Larry Bird Kush is effective in treating stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite, and nausea. It's particularly useful for pain relief, ranging from joint pain to headaches, and can also aid in insomnia treatment.

Breeders Advice

Larry Bird Kush is easy to grow, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor conditions. It’s a short plant with high yield potential and is resistant to pests and mold. The flowering time indoors is between eight to ten weeks, and harvesting outdoors usually occurs in the first three weeks of October.

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