Pine Queen Dream Weed Strain

Pine Queen Dream Weed Strain


THC: 19%

CBD: .03%

About The Strain

Pine Queen Dream is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain, a fusion of Dream Queen and Mr. Pink strains, featuring 70% sativa and 30% indica. It has a THC level ranging from 16% to 19%. The strain is known for dreamy, introspective effects ideal for relaxation. It begins with a cerebral rush, boosting mood and leading to introspection and potential sedation. Pine Queen Dream is often used for treating conditions like chronic fatigue, migraines, chronic stress, and depression

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

Helps with


Pine Queen Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid crafted from Dream Queen and Mr. Pink, presents a 70/30 sativa-indica ratio with a THC content of 16-19%. This strain is celebrated for its calming yet uplifting effects, perfect for soothing racing thoughts and inducing a state of relaxed introspection. Its therapeutic uses include addressing chronic fatigue, migraine relief, stress reduction, and mitigating depressive symptoms. Its buds exude a creamy, fruity, and sweet aroma with a bubblegum undertone, and its distinct olive green color is accented by lavender-hued trichomes.

Origin and History

The exact origins of Pine Queen Dream are not clearly defined, but it's a product of crossing Dream Queen with Mr. Pink, indicating a lineage rooted in well-known and appreciated strains.

CharacteristicPine Queen Dream
THC Percentage16% - 19%
CBD PercentageVery Low
Strain TypesSativa Dominant
Indica Percentage30%
Sativa Percentage70%

Composition and Breeding

This strain's composition leans heavily towards sativa, with a notable indica component. It is bred from a combination of Dream Queen and Mr. Pink, resulting in its unique effects and flavor profile.


Pine Queen Dream features round, dark olive green nugs with long fuzzy amber hairs and a thick coating of tiny lavender colored crystal trichomes, contributing to its appealing aesthetics.


While specific terpene information for Pine Queen Dream isn't detailed, the strain's lineage suggests a rich terpene profile contributing to its unique aroma and flavor characteristics.

Aroma and Flavor

The strain boasts a rich aroma profile with notes of cheese, fruit, and a pungent sweetness. Its flavor mirrors this aromatic richness, offering a creamy, fruity, and sugary sweetness with a touch of bubblegum.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

Pine Queen Dream is noted for its energizing effects, making it suitable for daytime use. It's particularly effective in alleviating symptoms of depression, headaches, and insomnia. Its energetic nature makes it a good choice for those looking to enhance focus and uplift their mood.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

Users report feelings of talkativeness, arousal, and focus, accompanied by a potent body buzz. Its effects are long-lasting and can be quite sedative, making it suitable for evening or nighttime use.

Medical Uses

Medically, Pine Queen Dream is recommended for its ability to relieve stress, pain, depression, and insomnia. It offers a potent body buzz that can help reduce pain levels and is known for its relaxing and uplifting properties.

Breeders Advice

Details about growing Pine Queen Dream are scarce, suggesting it might be a challenge for aspiring home growers to find seeds or clones. Its high THC content (27%) indicates it's best suited for more experienced smokers.

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