Pink Panther Weed Strain

Pink Panther Weed Strain


THC: 24%

CBD: 0.46%

About The Strain

The Pink Panther strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, boasting a blend of 85% Sativa and 15% Indica. It has a significant THC level ranging from 22% to 24%, with a CBD level around 0.46%. Known for its creative and euphoric effects, Pink Panther is characterized by its light green leaves and brown hairs. Its aroma is a unique combination of sweet pine and pear, while the flavor profile includes strong earthy notes, pine, and pear.

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

Helps with


The Pink Panther cannabis strain is predominantly sativa, with a sativa to indica ratio of about 85:15. Its THC content lies between 22% and 24%, and the CBD content is approximately 0.46%. This strain is celebrated for inducing a sense of creativity and euphoria. The strain's appearance is marked by light green leaves intermingled with brownish hairs. The scent of Pink Panther is a delightful mix of sweet pine and pear, and the taste mirrors this with earthy, piney, and pear-like notes. It's effectively used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, various pains, and nausea.

Origin and History

The origin and history of Pink Panther remain somewhat elusive. It's not entirely clear who first bred this strain or its exact genetic lineage, although it's speculated to be a phenotype of the Pink Plant strain.

CharacteristicPink Panther
THC Percentage22% - 24%
CBD PercentageAround 0.46%
Strain TypeSativa Dominant
Indica Percentage15%
Sativa Percentage85%

Composition and Breeding

Pink Panther's composition is primarily sativa, with a smaller portion of indica. The breeding details are not widely known, but it's hypothesized to be derived from the Pink Plant strain. Its notable THC and CBD contents contribute to its strong effects and medical benefits.


The appearance of Pink Panther is characterized by airy, light green leaves with noticeable brown hairs. The buds are frosty and irregular in shape, contributing to its distinctive look.


Pink Panther contains various terpenes, including a rare one called phellandrene, which accounts for about 0.2% of its total terpene content. This terpene adds a minty, woody, and slightly citrus aroma to the strain. The total terpenes content in Pink Panther is approximately 0.98%.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Pink Panther is a complex blend, featuring notes of blueberry, diesel, and sweet fragrances. Its flavor profile is equally rich, combining tastes of grapefruit, pine, and sweet nuances.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

Pink Panther is known for its ability to alleviate symptoms such as headaches, migraines, stress, mood swings, anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, nausea, and insomnia. It's suitable for use throughout the day.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

Users often report feelings of calmness, happiness, and relief from headaches. However, some might experience anxiety, restlessness, or paranoia, particularly if they are sensitive to sativa-dominant strains.

Medical Uses

Medically, Pink Panther is used to treat conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anorexia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraines, nausea, and stress.

Breeders Advice

Given its moderate growing difficulty, Pink Panther requires some experience in cultivation. It has a flowering time of about 43-54 days and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The yield is quite generous, especially when provided with the right conditions.

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