Tizer Weed Strain​

Tizer Weed Strain


THC: 20%

CBD: 0%

About The Strain

The Tizer strain, a recent addition to Pure Sativa’s lineup in 2021 by Spitfire Genetics, is a remarkable genetic blend. It results from crossing the highly coveted, clone-only Zkittlez cut by Terp Hogz with a male from the Peach Cubez phenotype. Tizer is particularly valued for its unique mix of Zkittlez and peachy terpenes, with the Zkittlez genetics enhancing the taste profile significantly. The Peach Cubez addition boosts yield and ease of growth, making Tizer a more grower-friendly option than its Zkittlez predecessor​​.

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

Helps with

Introduced in 2021 by Spitfire Genetics and available at Pure Sativa, Tizer is a cross of the exclusive Zkittlez cut and a Peach Cubez male. This strain stands out with its delightful blend of Zkittlez’s renowned taste and the peachy nuances from Peach Cubez. Tizer overcomes the growing challenges of Zkittlez thanks to Peach Cubez’s influence, which adds robustness and higher yields to the strain, along with an expanded terpene profile that includes sweet, overripe peach and Zkittlez’s characteristic fragrances​​.

Origin and History

The Tizer strain was born out of Spitfire Genetics’ pursuit to blend the extraordinary characteristics of two prominent strains: the Zkittlez clone and the Peach Cubez phenotype. The Zkittlez, known for its exceptional taste, pairs well with the Peach Cubez, which is notable for its sweet, overripe peach and fragrant Z terpenes. This combination has resulted in a strain that is not only flavorful but also more amenable to cultivation​​.

THC PercentageVery High (over 20%)
CBD PercentageLow (0-1%)
Strain TypesIndica/Sativa
Indica PercentageNot specified
Sativa PercentageNot specified
Flowering Time7-9 weeks
Preferred EnvironmentIndoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse

Composition and Breeding

Tizer is a hybrid strain with a genetic lineage stemming from Zkittlez and Peach Cubez. The breeding process focused on enhancing the yield and ease of growth, drawing on the vigor and resin production of the Peach Cubez. The Peach Cubez itself is a cross between the Peach Ozz cut and a Zcube pheno from Dying Breed Seeds, adding depth and diversity to Tizer’s genetic makeup​​​​.


The Tizer strain is characterized by significant trichome coverage, thanks to its Peach Ozz heritage. This coverage makes it an excellent candidate for solventless or solvent extraction methods. The Zcube genetics in its lineage contribute to the plant’s height and yield, as well as a deep, gassy aroma


Tizer’s terpene profile is a vibrant mix, predominantly featuring the sweet and fruity notes of Zkittlez and the peachy, candied fragrances from the Peach Cubez. This combination creates a rich and complex aromatic experience for users​​.

Aroma and Flavor

The Tizer strain is celebrated for its unique and enticing aroma and flavor profile. It inherits the sweet, fruity flavors of Zkittlez and complements them with the peachy, candied notes from Peach Cubez, resulting in a delightful sensory experience​

Breeder’s Advice

Breeders advise that while Tizer is easier to grow than its Zkittlez parent, it still requires attention to detail in cultivation to bring out its best qualities. The strain has been developed to be more forgiving and yield-rich, making it a suitable option for both experienced and novice growers​​.

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