Truffles Weed Strain​

Truffles Weed Strain


THC: 22%

CBD: 1%

About The Strain

Trufflez, also referred to as Truffles, is an Indica-leaning hybrid created from a blend of Zkittlez and Cherry Noir. This unique combination results in a strain with a THC level typically hovering around 20%. Known for its sedative effects and minimal CBD content, Truffles offers a rich, buttery smoking experience with a complex, pungent aroma. This strain is particularly favored for its ability to induce sleepiness, making it a popular choice for evening use.

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Aroma and Flavor

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The Truffles strain, also known as Truffle or Trufflez, is an Indica-dominant hybrid, primarily cultivated on the West Coast. It is a cross between Zkittlez and Cherry Noir, combining the potent Indica effects of Zkittlez with the balanced hybrid properties of Cherry Noir. Truffles is known for its buttery smooth smoke, pungent aroma, and sticky buds. It typically exhibits a THC content around 20% and has little to no CBD. This strain delivers a super sleepy high, making it ideal for relaxation and bedtime rituals.

Origin and History

Truffles originated on the West Coast and is a hybrid with genetics tracing back to Purple Thai and Afghani. Purple Thai is a Sativa strain known for its uplifting effects, while Afghani is an Indica strain noted for its sedative qualities. The fusion of these two strains has led to Truffles, a well-balanced strain embodying both Sativa and Indica characteristics. It has since become widespread and is available in dispensaries and seed banks globally.

THC Percentage15% – 22%
CBD PercentageMinimal
Strain TypesIndica/Sativa
Indica Percentage60%
Sativa Percentage40%

Composition and Breeding

Truffles is a cross between Zkittlez, a potent Indica, and Cherry Noir, a well-balanced hybrid. The outcome is an Indica-dominant strain with a THC content ranging from 15% to 22%, typically around 20%. This strain is cultivated by crossing these two parent strains to produce a mild but noticeable high. The specific breeding techniques and variations in growing conditions can influence the THC and CBD levels, leading to some variation in the characteristics of different batches of Truffles.


Truffles is characterized by its dense, dark, and super sticky buds. The buds display a deep green color with bright orange strands and deep purple hints that can appear almost black. The texture of the buds is slightly spongy and thin, creating a unique tactile experience. This strain’s visually appealing and sticky nature plays into its luxurious and high-class naming.


The Truffles strain contains a distinctive blend of terpenes, including carene, camphene, linalool, caryophyllene, and myrcene. These terpenes contribute to its unique aroma and flavor, which is described as earthy with hints of pine and cinnamon. The presence of these specific terpenes adds depth to the Truffles strain’s overall sensory profile.

Aroma and Flavor

Truffles’ aroma is notably pungent, with a slight chemical scent similar to ammonia and bleach, but more subdued and earthy. This evolves into a warm, sweet, buttery scent reminiscent of cheeses like parmesan and blue cheese. The flavor of Truffles, on the other hand, is sweet and rich, offering a warm, buttery sensation that contrasts with its chemical aroma.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

Truffles is popular among users seeking relief from insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Its primary effect is inducing sleepiness, making it ideal for nighttime use. It can also produce feelings of euphoria and happiness, especially in those with a higher THC tolerance. This strain is well-regarded for its relaxing effects on both the body and mind.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

The Truffles strain is known for its relaxing and sedative effects, commonly leading to sleepiness and tranquility. It is often used for watching TV at night or relaxing in a calm setting. While it can make users giggly and euphoric, it tends to be more sedative, especially in larger doses.

Medical Uses

Truffles is frequently used for medicinal purposes, particularly for stress, hypertension, and depression. Its relaxing effects make it beneficial for those struggling with these conditions. However, users should be aware that it can cause side effects like dry mouth, slight anxiety, and headaches.

Breeders Advice

Growing Truffles can be moderately challenging, with seeds being somewhat difficult to find. It’s suggested to look for seeds at Umami Seed Co or Super Seed Co. Truffles can be grown indoors or outdoors, with an average yield of 20 ounces per plant outdoors and 2 ounces per square foot indoors. The flowering time is typically 56 to 60 days, and it is generally more successful when grown indoors due to the ability to control environmental factors.


The Truffles strain, with its unique combination of terpenes and genetics, offers a luxurious and relaxing experience. Its pungent aroma, smooth smoke, and sedative effects make it a favored choice for evening relaxation and sleep aid. Although it may be challenging to grow and find, Truffles is worth the effort for those who appreciate its distinctive properties.

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