Zapples Weed Strain

Zapples Weed Strain


THC: 30%

CBD: 0-1%

About The Strain

Zapples, developed by Conscious Genetics, is a standout hybrid strain known for its frosty and resin-rich buds. It’s a cross between Blue Zushi and Sour Apple Runtz, each parent contributing to its high THC concentration of roughly 30%. Zapples is acclaimed for its unique flavor profile, which includes gassy, creamy notes with hints of apple fritter and skunk. This strain matures in about nine weeks and is known for producing medium to tall plants with average yields.

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

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Bred by Conscious Genetics, Zapples is a hybrid cannabis variety notable for its incredibly frosty, resinous buds. This strain is the result of combining Blue Zushi and Sour Apple Runtz, both known for their exceptionally high THC levels of around 30%. Zapples is characterized by a distinct taste and aroma, featuring a gassy, creamy terpene profile with apple fritter and skunk accents. It reaches maturity in approximately nine weeks, yielding plants of medium to tall stature​​.

Origin and History

Zapples is a creation of Conscious Genetics, resulting from the cross of Blue Zushi and Sour Apple Runtz. Both parent strains are celebrated for their high THC levels, contributing to Zapples’ formidable potency. The strain has made a significant impact, especially in the London cannabis scene, where it’s recognized for its extraordinary strength​​​​.

Composition and Breeding

The genetic makeup of Zapples is a combination of the high THC-producing Blue Zushi and Sour Apple Runtz strains. This lineage results in a hybrid with substantial THC content and a unique terpene profile. The strain is bred to produce frosty, resin-filled buds, making it an ideal choice for extraction and combustion​​​​.

THC PercentageApproximately 30%
CBD PercentageNot specified
Strain TypesHybrid (Indica/Sativa)
Indica PercentageNot specified
Sativa PercentageNot specified
Flowering TimeApproximately 9 weeks
Preferred EnvironmentNot specified


Zapples is known for producing incredibly frosty and resinous buds, indicating its potency and rich terpene profile. The buds’ appearance is a testament to the strain’s strength and appeal for those seeking a potent and aromatic cannabis experience​​.


The terpene profile of Zapples is a blend of creamy and gassy notes with a heavy skunk undertone. Dominant terpenes include Caryophyllene, lending a spicy kick; Humulene, adding woody nuances; Limonene, providing a refreshing citrus scent; and Linalool, contributing delicate floral notes​​.

Aroma and Flavor

Zapples exudes a complex aroma of creamy, gassy notes with a heavy skunk undertone, inheriting the creamy cookie lineage from the Kush Mints side of the Zushi and the creamy gas of Sour Apple Runtz. Its taste is primarily skunky with a hint of apple fritter​​.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

While specific benefits of using Zapples are not detailed in the available sources, its high THC content and rich terpene profile suggest it may be suited for users seeking a potent and immersive cannabis experience.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

Zapples is known for its potent effects, likely to leave a lasting impression on even experienced users. It is renowned for its strength, potentially offering a powerful and mind-bending experience​​.

Medical Uses

Specific medical uses of Zapples are not detailed in the available sources. However, its high THC content and terpene profile may suggest potential therapeutic benefits.

Breeder’s Advice

Breeders recommend Zapples for its average yield and medium-to-tall plant growth. It typically completes flowering in about nine weeks, suggesting it doesn’t require an extended flowering period. This makes it a relatively easy strain to cultivate for both novice and experienced growers​​.

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