Zheetos weed strain

Zheetos Weed Strain


THC: 25%

CBD: 2%

About The Strain

Zheetos is a balanced hybrid strain, a unique combination of Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian KC 636, and Mango strains. This blend results in a 50/50 mix of Indica and Sativa influences. Zheetos is known for its sweet aroma, smooth tangy taste with earthy and fruity hints, and a delightful aftertaste. It boasts a THC level of 20-25%, providing users with pain relief, relaxation, and a boost in creativity​​​​​​.

Strain Facts


Aroma and Flavor

Helps with


The Zheetos strain is an evenly balanced hybrid, skillfully crafted from a trio of Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian KC 636, and Mango strains. This strain achieves a perfect harmony between Indica and Sativa characteristics. Renowned for its exceptionally sweet scent and a taste profile that combines smooth tanginess with earthy and sweet fruity undertones, Zheetos delivers a THC content ranging from 20-25%. It’s popular for its ability to alleviate pain, invoke relaxation, and enhance creative thinking.

Origin and History

Zheetos is a result of crossing Acapulco Gold, a sativa-dominant strain known for its stimulating effects, with the indica-leaning Mango strain, which is recognized for its uplifting and euphoric impact. Hawaiian KC, another sativa-dominant strain in the mix, is celebrated for inducing creative thoughts. This genetic combination creates a strain with a solid reputation for its potent and quality effects.

Aspect Information
THC Percentage 20-25%
CBD Percentage Not specified
Strain Types 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Indica Percentage 50%
Sativa Percentage 50%
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Yield 17-25 oz/m² (Indoors), 21 oz/plant (Outdoors)

Composition and Breeding

The genetic lineage of Zheetos combines the qualities of its parent strains: the sativa stimulation of Acapulco Gold, the mood-enhancing effects of Mango, and the creativity-inducing properties of Hawaiian KC. This hybrid amalgamation ensures a balanced and potent experience.


The terpene profile of Zheetos, responsible for its flavor and aroma, is not detailed in the provided sources.

Aroma and Flavor

Zheetos is characterized by a super sweet aroma. Its smoke profile is described as smooth with a tangy taste, combining earthy, sweet, and fruity hints, followed by a delightful aftertaste.

Potential Benefits from Using This Strain

Users of Zheetos report benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, and a boost in creativity, making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Common Psychoactive and Physical Effects

Zheetos is known for its balanced effects, providing relaxation and pain relief while also stimulating creativity. 

Medical Uses

Zheetos is reportedly effective in providing pain relief and relaxation. Its balanced nature makes it a potential choice for treating various conditions.

Breeder’s Advice

Breeding information specific to Zheetos is not provided in the available sources. However, given its genetic background and THC content, growers might need to cater to its balanced hybrid nature to optimize its unique characteristics.

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