Can I bring CBD to Dominican Republic

Can I bring CBD to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s stance on CBD remains somewhat ambiguous. The country hasn’t explicitly legalized or regulated the use, possession, or sale of CBD products. It’s noteworthy that the Dominican Republic generally maintains liberal drug laws, with the use of cannabis for medical purposes being legal​.

In 2015, the Dominican Republic passed Law 50-88, which decriminalized the possession of drugs for personal use, including cannabis and, by extension, CBD. However, this law doesn’t specify the amount considered for personal use, leaving it to the discretion of authorities​.

Legal Status of CBD in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the legal status of CBD is not straightforward. Officially, CBD oil is classified as a cannabis product and is therefore illegal, aligning with the country’s strict stance on all cannabis-related items. This prohibition extends to both recreational and medical use, applying to locals and foreigners alike​​​​​​. Despite this, there exists a grey area in enforcement. Reports indicate that while the possession and use of CBD products are technically illegal, the enforcement of these laws can be inconsistent​​.

At Punta Cana International Airport, for example, regulations allow passengers to travel with CBD oil in hand luggage (up to 100 ml) or checked luggage. However, this does not negate the possibility of security checks and potential legal complications upon arrival​​.

According to the regulations of the Dominican Government Entity, the Specialized Body for Airport and Civil Security (CESAC), all passengers may travel with CBD oil in hand luggage (not to exceed 100 ml), or in checked luggage. Please note that you may be checked by a security inspector once you arrive at the security checkpoints.


Traveling with CBD: Risks and Precautions

For travelers considering bringing CBD to the Dominican Republic, the situation is nuanced. While some experiences suggest a lenient approach at certain airports, like Punta Cana, where authorities do not strictly enforce the transportation or consumption of CBD among tourists, this should not be taken as legal permission​​.

Given the legal ambiguity and potential risks, it’s crucial for travelers to weigh the necessity of carrying CBD against the possibility of legal challenges. It’s advisable to stay updated on the latest regulations and be prepared for varying levels of enforcement at different points of entry.

Implications for Medical Users of CBD

For individuals who rely on CBD for medical reasons, traveling to the Dominican Republic presents a significant challenge. Given the country’s prohibition on all cannabis products, including CBD, medical users face a dilemma. They must either find legal alternatives within the Dominican Republic or risk legal repercussions by bringing their CBD products into the country.

This situation is particularly problematic since the prohibition applies equally to tourists, even for medical use. Therefore, individuals dependent on CBD for health reasons should consult with healthcare professionals for alternative treatments or medications that are legal and available in the Dominican Republic​​​​​​.


Taking CBD to the Dominican Republic requires careful planning and awareness of the current legal landscape. While CBD might offer significant benefits, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience involves understanding and respecting the laws and regulations of the destination country.

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