Can I bring CBD to Israel

Can I bring CBD to Israel

Israel is known for its progressive stance on medical cannabis and has been a pioneer in cannabis research. However, this doesn’t automatically translate to lenient laws regarding CBD, especially for travelers.

Israel differentiates between medical and non-medical use of cannabis products. CBD products are more likely to be accepted for medical purposes, provided they adhere to certain regulations and standards.

Traveling to Israel with CBD: What You Need to Know

Before packing CBD for your trip to Israel, it’s essential to understand the specific regulations that apply. These might include restrictions on the concentration of THC in the CBD product, the form of the product, and the need for accompanying medical documentation.

Key Considerations for Travelers

  • THC Content: Ensure that the CBD product contains no more than the legally permissible level of THC.
  • Documentation: Carry any relevant medical prescriptions or certificates.
  • Product Form: Some forms of CBD may be more acceptable (like oils or capsules) compared to others.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Upon arrival, you may need to go through customs where your CBD products could be scrutinized. Being prepared with the right documents and understanding your rights can help.

Tips for Smooth Travel

  • Keep Products in Original Packaging: This makes it easier for officials to verify the product.
  • Be Honest and Cooperative: If questioned, provide straightforward answers and cooperate with the authorities.
  • Research in Advance: Regulations can change, so it’s wise to check the most current laws right before traveling.


Bringing CBD into Israel requires careful planning and an understanding of the local regulations. While the country is progressive in terms of medical cannabis, travelers should remain cautious and well-informed to avoid legal complications.

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