Can I bring CBD to Spain

Can I bring CBD to Spain

In Spain, the legal status of cannabis, including hemp and CBD, is nuanced and often confusing. While CBD is legal for sale and use, the laws surrounding its consumption and the types of permissible CBD products are intricate. This complexity often leads to misunderstandings about what is legal and what isn’t​​.

One critical aspect of CBD legality in Spain is the THC content. Legal CBD products must not contain more than 0.2% THC. This stipulation must be clearly indicated on the product’s packaging and description. It’s essential to ensure that any CBD product you’re considering adheres to this legal requirement​​.

Travel Considerations for Carrying CBD into Spain

When traveling to Europe, including Spain, with CBD, it is crucial to ensure compliance with both the departure and destination countries’ regulations. Although CBD purchase and consumption might be legal, air transportation of the product may have different rules. It’s recommended to carry documentation such as a tax receipt or a certificate proving the hemp’s origin, and to avoid carrying CBD flowers and resins due to potential confusion with illegal substances​​.

The Specifics of CBD Product Legality

  • CBD Oils and Cosmetics: In Spain, CBD oils are legally available if they are considered cosmetic products. This means that you can legally buy hemp-derived CBD products, like oils and balms, intended for external use. However, these products should not be consumed orally​​​​.
  • The Status of CBD Gummies and Edibles: CBD edibles, including gummies, are not legal in Spain. This includes any hemp oil-infused supplements and edibles. Despite being available online, there is a risk attached as these products may be seized by customs if shipped to Spain​​​​.

Cultivation and Manufacturing of CBD in Spain

Spain permits the cultivation of EU-certified hemp strains with less than 0.2% THC for fiber and seeds. However, for CBD extraction, farmers must obtain a special license. This license is for the production of CBD products intended for external use only, not for ingestible CBD oils​​​​.

While it’s legal to grow hemp for CBD, the processing into CBD oil for legal sale in Spain requires additional steps. For instance, raw hemp must be shipped to countries like Italy for processing into legal CBD products. This complexity in the law reflects the nuanced and often confusing nature of CBD regulation in Spain​​.

CBD Purchasing Options in Spain

For those looking to buy CBD in Spain, it’s best to opt for specialized CBD shops, cosmetics stores, pharmacies, and health stores. These outlets are more likely to offer legal CBD products, such as skincare items and topicals. However, caution is advised as some businesses might still sell illegal CBD products​​.

Online stores offer a wide range of legal CBD products with the convenience of home shopping. However, it’s crucial to be careful about product choices. Importing illegal CBD products can lead to them being seized at customs and potential legal issues​​.​.

CBD for Health and Wellness in Spain

Progress Towards Medicinal Use

Spain has recently made significant strides towards legalizing medicinal cannabis, including CBD, for various health conditions. This move would allow access to medical cannabis through hospitals and pharmacies under medical guidance. Conditions that could potentially benefit from medicinal cannabis in Spain include endometriosis, multiple sclerosis-related pain, epilepsy, and symptoms related to chemotherapy and cancer pain​​.

The Legal Grey Area of Cannabis

Cannabis laws in Spain are complex. Personal possession and cultivation are largely decriminalized, but the legal framework and enforcement can vary across municipalities. The sale and importation of cannabis containing THC remain criminal offenses. This creates a challenging environment for the use of CBD products, which often fall into a grey area of the law​​.

The Regulatory Landscape

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) is working on finalizing regulations for medicinal cannabis, including CBD. While some advocates hope for widespread access to these products by late 2023, the exact timeline and scope of these regulations remain uncertain​​.

Spain’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic

Spain’s first medical cannabis clinic, operating under a health clinic license, offers guidance on cannabis usage, focusing on harm reduction rather than prescription. This clinic reflects the unmet need for medical guidance in cannabis use, especially considering the lack of trained staff in other settings. It demonstrates a novel approach to addressing the therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD​​.


While CBD gummies offer convenience and therapeutic benefits, navigating their legal landscape, especially in Spain, requires careful consideration. By adhering to the outlined guidelines and staying informed about the evolving legal scenarios, travelers can enjoy the benefits of CBD without legal hassles.

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