Can I bring CBD to Turkey

Can I bring CBD to Turkey

Turkey only allows certain types of medical cannabis products, such as under-the-tongue sprays, and recreational cannabis remains illegal. In 2016, Turkish laws permitted the use of sublingual cannabinoid medications containing CBD, such as Sativex, with a doctor’s prescription. However, all forms of cannabis containing THC are prohibited, including the smoking of whole-plant cannabis.

The Risks of Bringing CBD into Turkey

Travelers should exercise caution when considering bringing CBD products into Turkey. While CBD oil itself is not expressly illegal in Turkey, mixtures containing any traces of THC are considered illegal. This ambiguity in the law poses a significant risk for travelers, as even products labeled as THC-free may contain trace amounts.

Turkey’s Stance on CBD

Turkey’s stance on CBD and cannabis is influenced by its cultural and legal frameworks. The nation is known for its harsh cannabis laws and unfavorable cultural attitudes towards cannabis usage. While the government has made allowances for cannabis cultivation for medical use and scientific research, recreational use remains highly illegal. CBD oil itself is not expressly legal in Turkey, and the legalities surrounding its purchase, especially online, remain in a grey area.

Bringing CBD to Europe is generally safe, except in countries like Turkey, where local laws are more restrictive. This guide underscores the importance of being aware of local CBD laws in countries frequently visited by travelers with CBD products.

Turkish Laws When Traveling with CBD

For those considering traveling to Turkey with CBD, understanding the nuances of Turkish law is critical. While medicinal cannabis treatments are accessible in Turkey, the use of whole-plant cannabis remains strictly illegal. A law passed in 2016 allows doctors to prescribe sublingual cannabinoid medications, but this does not extend to over-the-counter CBD products.

Legal Consequences and Penalties

The legal consequences of bringing CBD into Turkey can be severe. Turkish law enforcement agencies have a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs, and this extends to substances that are legal in other countries but not in Turkey. Penalties for drug offenses in Turkey are harsh and can include long prison sentences.

Travelers caught with CBD products may face charges of drug possession or smuggling, depending on the quantity and nature of the product. It’s crucial to understand that ignorance of the law is not considered a valid defense in Turkey. Therefore, travelers must be fully informed about the legal status of CBD in Turkey before their visit.


In conclusion, while the legal status of CBD in Turkey is complex, the prevailing advice is to err on the side of caution. The risk of legal complications makes it advisable to avoid bringing CBD products into the country. For those requiring CBD for medical reasons, consulting with a healthcare professional and exploring legal alternatives within Turkey is recommended.

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